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Raquette Lake Camps is a family! Since 1916, something special has been happening on the pristine shores of Raquette Lake, NY. A 7-week, brother/sister camp located in the Adirondacks.

What better way to honor the beautiful lake than to name the camp after it! Rich in tradition, we create an environment that is safe and fun for our campers to grow emotionally and physically. A place to call home where children can learn how to make new friends, challenge themselves, learn new skills, and become independent, responsible adolescents.

Camp today, is camp as it’s always been for the past 100+ summers. Many of our campers are the second, third, and fourth generation. Modifications to the infrastructure continue, but the commitment to Camp’s unchanging traditions, philosophies, and values remain.

Camp is the greatest place on earth. The friendships, the experiences, the skills, will follow you throughout your life. Camp friends are the best friends and the bond that is shared no one could ever understand without experiencing it.


People often ask, “what is the most important piece of advice you can give a camper?” Our answer is simple- Try everything! What other time in your life will you have the chance to experience the things that camp has to offer? The sky is the limit!

Throughout the 7 weeks, our program is designed to incorporate all activities that camp has to offer plus many memorable special events. Just to name a few- You will experience everything from jumping in the lake to playing tennis, climbing to the top of our ropes course, and camping under the stars.

Raquette Lake Camps is a brother/sister camp. Both girls and boys enjoy scheduled socials and special events. Brothers, Sisters, and families from both camps have lunch together weekly. Raquette Lake Camps has the largest waterfront and lake of any camp in the US.

This gives us the ability to offer every possible Watersport! By the way, have you heard about color War/Team Week? The most anticipated week of the summer! Campers are divided into two teams and compete in all activities and events. It’s the purest and healthiest form of competition; Team building and good sportsmanship are the goals of the week.

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