6 Top Summer Camps You Really Need To Send Your Kids To!

top 6 summer camps

A summer camp full of wakeboarding, horseback riding, and dance parties may seem like a dream, but these 6 Top Summer Camps have made this dream a reality. Summer camps are a way for kids to unplug from normal life and plug into fun activities. With these camps, kids are not only plugging into the fun but being electrified with some of the best activities and facilities around in the realm of summer camps. 

With the electrically exciting experience that comes with attending these summer camps, there is a large monetary charge as well. It is not a surprise that these summer camps are selling out of space for new campers. Parents are willing to spend thousands on sending their children to the top of the line summer camps because they know the importance of summer enrichment and fun. Maybe you too are interested in sending your children to one of the following summer camps, or maybe you will wish to go there yourself.

Since 1916 Raquette Lake Camps has had a history of being a prestigious residential summer camp for children around the world. This upstate New York location houses an extensive amount of camp activities for ages 6 to 16. 

Divided by a lake, the girl and boy campers have separate facilities, both featuring a variety of recreational options. From sailing to ice hockey, there is plenty to participate in at Raquette Lake Camp.  Weekly trips include camping, hiking, theme parks, and other local attractions. 

There is a two to one counselor to camper ratio and the camp is full uniform and nut-free!  There are also no electronics allowed.

Each camper must be grandfathered in as siblings of previous members, or undergo the interview process to compete for the additional 10 to 12 open spots each summer. The camp’s tuition starts at $13,750 for about 7 weeks, depending on additional items added to the camp experience. 

The higher cost and demand is just another testament to why this camp is superb. 

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A huge campus featuring top of the line facilities, as well as incorporating a more personal experience through small camp cabins, Camp Laurel has the best of both worlds. This camp in Mt. Vernon, Maine is one that the children do not have to worry about the simpler times. At Camp Laurel, laundry services, cooking studios, and Zumba classes are ready to be enjoyed by boys and girls ages 7-15.

Each morning the six different campuses (divided boy’s and girl’s campuses) come together for a huge meeting to start the day. From there ziplines, horses, tennis courts, roller hockey arena, ropes courts, and more wait to be used for a day full of fun. A $13,600 tuition for six weeks ( $2266 per week ) covers the service, activities, and facilities there is not a worry in the world that could cross the campers day. Visit www.camplaurel.com for more information.

Sky Ranch:

Known as a little slice of heaven, this ranch just outside of Dallas is a perfect way for campers to run free (with adult supervision of course) on the 320 acres and lake.

Horseback riding, canoeing, sailing, riflery, crafts, water blogs, slides, fishing, and more wait to be explored by the Sky Ranch campers.

While usual camp activities are found at Sky Ranch, the lessons and relationships built are extreme. There are four campers for every one staff member, creating individualized relationships. Children as young as 6 are welcome to join and have the time of their lives, while also being surrounded by a Christian atmosphere. Sky Ranch costs roughly $1,018 for a week. To find out more visit www.skyranch.org.

With the reputation of one of the country’s most distinguished adventure and sports camps, Camp Winaukee welcomes boys ages 7-12 every summer for a camp experience of great proportions. Located on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, boys can kayak, canoeing, complete ropes courses, arts, crafts, theater, and more. Outdoor adventures are all found on the 2.5 miles of shoreline that is Camp Winaukee.

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There are several options for summer camp lengths at camp Winaukee all with varying prices. The varying cost and lengths of the summer camp start at $6,110 for three weeks, $8,200 for four weeks, $10, 150 for five weeks, or $12,500 for the summer. Check out www.winaukee.com  for more information.

  • Lake Bryn Mawr:

For sugar, spice, and everything nice, the Lake Bryan Mawr Camp in Honesdale, Pennsylvanian creates a world of fun for girls. Swimming, tennis, horseback riding, dance, arts and crafts, cooking, gymnastics are just a few of the activities geared toward girls ages 7 to 15 that take place at this camp.

An “Angel Code” of ethics is the theme throughout the summer to teach the basic values of loyalty, beauty, merit, and comradeship. It is hard to put a price on summer fun, great friendships, and character development, but the tuition is $12,650 to attend the eight-week summer camp program. Find out more information at www.campbrynmawr.com.

  • Pine Cove:

Pine Cove Summer Camp prides themselves on being “Christ‑centered, others‑focused, and seriously fun.” Based on the reviews from former camp members, Pine Cove has every right to be proud. Over 15,000 campers flock to Texas & South Carolina to attend Pine Cove summer camp.

This high energy camp with a Christian perspective and Bible lessons is a highlight of a camper’s year. Theme parties, water activities, rope courses, and more welcome the campers to their week of extreme fun. At $1049 a week, the campers have a world of “Christ‑centered, others‑focused, and seriously fun” summer camp enjoyment ahead.  Visit www.pinecove.com for more information.

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It may seem extravagant to spend a small fortune on a summer camp experience for your child. However, when looking at the benefits of summer camp the cost becomes less important. At the more expensive summer camps, children can experience a typical summer camp with enhanced resources and facilities. Now while “typical” may include horseback riding, water skiing, and other quite extreme summer camp activities, it is not all fun and games.

At some of the camps, the campers must also take on camp responsibilities, such as cleaning and caring for their cabins. Often, cleaning and housekeeping are not skills that children worry about at home. Families love providing the practice of basic skills associated with the summer camp experiences for their children, no matter the cost.

Summer of Fun

Now that you know about the most expensive and exciting summer camps in America, will you be filling out the application for your child to attend? If money is not an option, then the hard part will be choosing which camp to send your child for the time of their lives.  The multitude of outdoor activities, new friends, and unique experiences that your child enjoys at camp is priceless.

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