Unlock a World of Adventure: Top Summer Camp Games & Outdoor Escapades

Grab your backpacks, fellow adventurers, and let’s embark on a journey to the heart of summer camp magic! As the sun paints the sky with the promise of new beginnings, I invite you to dive into the glittering pool of possibilities that summer camp offers. From the laugh-filled open fields of classic games to the majestic solitude of nature’s embrace, there’s a world out there waiting to be explored. Let’s journey through the top summer camp games together, one adventure-laced page at a time. Continue reading “Unlock a World of Adventure: Top Summer Camp Games & Outdoor Escapades”

Summer at Camp Chateaugay: Cultivating Cherished Memories and Lifelong Friendships

Welcome to a cornucopia of summer fun and new experiences – welcome to Camp Chateaugay! Our camp embraces the essence of summer – the spirit of adventure, camaraderie and boundless opportunities for self-discovery, all amidst Mother Nature’s grandeur.

What We Offer


A gem tucked within nature’s splendor, Camp Chateaugay is the canvas for every child to sketch a vibrant summer story. Here, adventure prompts exploration, learning piques curiosity, and friendships bloom amidst laughter.

Our Programs in Action

A stellar line-up of outdoor escapades, artistry, and science learning awaits every camper.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Climbing lofty peaks, cutting through tranquil waters, and a myriad of on-campus activities sure to send the heart racing.
  • Creative Arts: Art sessions that invite every camper’s inner Picasso to splash color on the canvas of imagination.
  • Science and Learning: Sparking curiosity and kindling a thirst for knowledge with hands-on science projects.

Camp Chateaugay has been life-changing. These are common words echoed by our campers and their parents. One fond parent remarks, “My child returned from camp a more confident, patient and compassionate individual.”

Why Choose Us?

At Camp Chateaugay every summer unfolds into a seamless blend of thrill, learning, and self-discovery. Our devoted staff, versatile programs and an enthralling setting make us an unmatched summer destination.

As this summer beckons, we encourage you to consider Camp Chateaugay. Unveil a season of joy, learning and lasting friendships at our Camp Chateaugay. If you’re still contemplating the magic of sleepaway camps, our blog post on enticing summer sleepaway camps might enlighten you.

Brightly Art Studio: Igniting Creativity and Imagination in Every Child

Introducing Brightly Art Studio – a mesmerizing world of colors where creativity reigns and imaginations flourish. Our studio enkindles the flame of artistic passion in each child, kindling their inner Picasso.

What We Offer

Brightly Art Studio is a cocoon of creativity, nurturing every child’s artistic aspirations. Our camps are a unique blend of fun, art, and personal development—going beyond a typical summer experience.

Our Programs in Action

  • Art Workshops: A rich array of art West Belfast, from painting to sculpting, and everything in between.
  • Interactive Exhibitions: Our students exhibit their masterpieces, instilling pride in their artwork and bolstering confidence.
  • Themed Camp Days: Ranging from pop art to nature-inspired projects—making each day a new adventure.

Our studio is brimming with success stories. One parent shares, “Brightly has ignited my child’s creative spark. Their art has blossomed, so has their self-confidence.”

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Brightly means nurturing your child’s artistic passion in a stimulating, supportive environment emphasizing creativity’s joy, confidence, and connection.

Join us and let your child’s creativity illuminate at Brightly Art Studio. Dive right in here. Learn more about the benefits of arts sleepaway camp.

Odyssey Teen Camp

girls smiling at summer camp

2024 update:

Odyssey Teen Camp: Transformative Journeys Begin Here

Piecing together the recipe for a truly unique summer camp experience, Odyssey Teen Camp (OTC) lays down a foundation built on kindness, compassion, and the celebration of diversity. Born in 2002, OTC aimed to cultivate a space where judgment and competition bow out to make room for an environment that radiates acceptance and understanding. The legacy stretches beyond a ‘just another summer camp’ experience to a transformative journey.

Embrace Your Best Self

Crowning the camp’s greatest asset is its absolute absence of judgment, a sentiment echoed repeatedly over the years. As camp founder and executive director, Adam Simon states, “When teens are freed from judgment and emotional stress, they have the opportunity to relax and become their best selves.” This mantra fuels the core essence of OTC, making it a million miles more than a mere summer retreat.

A Look Back: The Odyssey Journey

Quickly blooming from a modest gathering of 70 campers in its inaugural year, OTC ascended to averaging 250 campers annually under Simon’s dynamic leadership. Never faulted from its mission, OTC prides itself on offering teens the best summer of their lives. The camp represents more than summer fun—it’s an arena where teenagers can find their own tribe, leave self-doubt behind, and walk away as a more confident version of themselves.

Camp Life: More than Just Activities

Each session brings together approximately 150 campers from ages 13 to 18 for 2- or 4-week sessions, with over half being first-time campers. Within the camp’s safe fold, the custodianship of two full-time, experienced registered nurses ensures holistic care right from dispensing medications to addressing emergencies. Housing accommodations respectfully consider each camper’s unique identity, helping everyone feel right at home.

Embracing the ‘Unplugged’ Experience

OTC distinguishes itself by adhering to a no-electronics policy, encouraging face-to-face connections amongst campers over the convenience of tech-led communications. Amid the cacophony of a digital-age life, campers thrive in the tranquility of simplicity, fostering genuine relationships and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Find out more about how OTC can transform your teen’s summer experience today!

Original blog 2020:

Odyssey Teen Camp, a sleep-away camp in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, offers a safe, judgment-free summer home for teenagers to blossom and have fun. Continue reading “Odyssey Teen Camp”

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sleepaway Summer Camp for Your Child

Summer camp can be a life-changing experience for a child. Spending a few weeks away from home, immersed in fun activities, and bonding with new friends can help build confidence, independence, and lifelong memories. However, with so many options for sleepaway summer camps, how do you choose the right one for your child?

Determine Your Child’s Interests and Needs

The first step is to determine what your child is interested in and what they hope to gain from the experience. Some things to consider include:

– Their hobbies and favorite activities: Sports? Arts and crafts? Adventure activities?

– Social development: Do they want to make new friends? Gain independence from parents?

– Skill building: Are they interested in learning a new skill like sailing, rock climbing, or horseback riding?

– Maturity level: Consider if your child will thrive more in a camp with kids their same age, or in a camp with a range of ages.

Discussing these topics with your child will help ensure you find a camp that aligns with their interests and needs. The camp experience will be much more meaningful and impactful if the activities and environment are well-suited to your child.

Research Available Sleepaway Summer Camp Options

Once you determine your child’s needs and interests, start researching camps that meet those criteria. Some things to consider in your search include:

– Activities offered: Look for camps that offer your child’s favorite activities, sports, arts, adventure, etc. Some camps specialize in certain areas.

– Location: Consider how far from home you’re willing to send your child. Some camps are close by while others are in more remote, natural settings.

– Ages served: Make sure the camp accepts children in your child’s age range. Some camps group kids by age while others have a wider range.

– Reviews and ratings: Check independent reviews from sites like campswithfriends.com, CampChannel.com, or Yelp to determine quality and reputation. Look for highly-rated camps with positive reviews mentioning activities, staff, facilities, safety, and value.

– Cost: Sleepaway summer camp costs can range from $500 to $1500 per week or more, depending on the amenities and activities offered. Determine your budget before you start researching.

Visit the Top Contenders

Once you narrow down the options, visit the top few camps you’re most interested in. Many camps offer open houses, information sessions, and tours for prospective camp families. Visiting in person is the best way to get a feel for the overall vibe and experience of the camp. Some things to look for on your visit include:

– Engaged and enthusiastic staff: Staff should seem genuinely excited about the camp and activities. They’ll be responsible for your child, so their attitude and experience level matter.

– Well-maintained facilities: Check that cabins, recreational facilities, bathrooms, and communal areas are clean, safe, and in good working order.

– Happy campers: Strike up conversations with campers and their parents. Ask about their experience with the camp. Look for camps where kids seem to be having an absolute blast!

– Strong safety standards: Ensure the camp conducts background checks on all staff, has medical personnel on-site, and has procedures in place for emergencies. Your child’s safety should be the top priority.

– Flexibility: Look for a camp that will work with you on things like the number of weeks your child will attend or any special needs they may have. The camp should be willing to customize the experience for your child.

Make Your Final Decision

After visiting your top choices, discuss the options with your child to determine their favorite camp. Some final things to consider before making your final decision include:

– Activities: Does one camp offer significantly more activities that your child enjoys? The variety and quality of activities can make a big impact on their experience.

– Facilities and amenities: Compare factors like the quality of cabins, bathrooms, recreational equipment, dining options, and technology access at the different camps. Choose the camp with facilities that will add to your child’s enjoyment and comfort level.

– Cost: While cost shouldn’t be the only factor, determine which camp option will give you the most value for your budget. Look for ways to save on costs like choosing a camp with shorter session lengths or minimal add-on fees.

– Your child’s enthusiasm: Ultimately, this is your child’s experience. Choose the camp that sparks the most excitement and enthusiasm from them. Their passion will help motivate them to participate in activities, make new friends, and gain independence.

– References and reviews: Speaking with references from other camp families and reading online reviews may provide additional insight to help finalize your choice. Look for recurring themes around the quality of staff, activities, facilities, value, and safety.

Once you make your final decision, register your child for camp and start preparing them for this exciting new adventure! A memorable summer camp experience can lead to newfound confidence, independence, and friendships that last for years to come.

Prepare Your Child for Their Sleepaway Summer Camp Experience

To ensure your child has the best experience at sleepaway camp, it’s important to prepare them properly. Some things you can do to help them prepare include:

– Visit the camp beforehand: If possible, visit the camp with your child before their session starts. Let them explore the cabins, meet staff, and get familiar with the layout. This can help alleviate anxiety about going to an unfamiliar place.

– Practice separation: Gently encourage short separations from you in the weeks leading up to camp to help your child get used to being away from home. For example, have them stay with a friend or relative for a weekend.

– Discuss expectations: Talk about what they can expect at camp each day. Discuss the activities, cabins, meals, rest periods, and rules. The more they know about what to expect, the less uncertain they will feel.

– Practice self-care: Make sure your child knows how to do basic things like showering, brushing teeth, and laundry. Send extras of necessities like socks, towels, and toiletries in case anything gets lost or dirty.

– Get excited together: Share in your child’s excitement for camp. Look through the camp’s website and photos together. Talk about all the fun they will have. Your positive attitude will help them feel enthusiastic rather than anxious.

– Pack comfort items: Have your child pack favorite toys, books, games, and snacks to make their cabin feel cozy. A touch of home can help combat homesickness.

– Write letters ahead of time: Have your child write letters to you before they leave for camp. This gives them an activity to look forward to each day and ensures you’ll hear from them right away. Send letters in return to keep communication open.

With the proper preparation and encouragement, you can ensure your child’s first sleepaway camp experience is positive, and memorable and helps build their independence. The rewards of overcoming challenges and thriving at camp will stay with them for years to come.

Saying Goodbye and Helping Your Child Adjust

When it’s time for your child to head off to camp, emotions may run high. To help make the transition as smooth as possible:

– Stay positive: Remain upbeat and encouraging. Your positive attitude will help keep your child’s spirits high. Smile, give hugs, and express confidence in them.

– Keep goodbyes brief: Avoid long, emotional goodbyes that may make your child feel anxious. Give hugs, say “I love you” and “Have fun!”, then leave cheerfully. Your child will adjust more easily if you seem confident in them.

– Don’t linger: Don’t hang around the camp after saying your goodbyes. Lingering can make your child worry you don’t think they can handle it. Give a final wave and smile, then head home.

– Send a letter right away: Mail a letter or care package for your child as soon as you return home. Let them know you’re thinking of them and are excited to hear all about their adventures at camp. Receiving mail from home will lift their spirits.

– Give camp time: Don’t call or visit your child at camp unless absolutely necessary. Give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and gain independence. If you do call, keep conversations light and positive.

– Prepare for some homesickness: Some level of homesickness is normal and to be expected. The camp staff are experienced in helping children overcome homesickness. Have confidence your child will adjust, but also prepare for the possibility of receiving a tearful phone call or letter. Offer your support and encouragement, then trust the camp staff to help lift their spirits.

With your love and support, your child will gain independence and confidence at camp. Though it’s hard to say goodbye, keep in mind the rewards of this experience and how much your child will grow. Their stories of adventures with new friends will bring you together again at the end of camp, closer than ever before.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sleepaway Summer Camp for Your Child

Summer camp can be a life-changing experience for a child. Spending a few weeks away from home, immersed in fun activities, and bonding with new friends can help build confidence, independence, and lifelong memories. However, with so many options for sleepaway summer camps, how do you choose the right one for your child?

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Sending your child off to sleepaway summer camp for the first time can be challenging, but with the right preparation and support, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for them. By determining your child’s interests and needs, researching camp options, visiting top contenders, and preparing them thoroughly for the experience, you’ll find a camp where they will thrive. Though saying goodbye may be hard, have confidence in the independence and memories they will gain. The stories they share upon returning home will reassure you that the rewards of overcoming homesickness and adjusting to camp life will stay with them forever. With your love and encouragement, your child can have an unforgettable summer adventure at sleepaway camp.