Wolf Camp & The Conservation College

Welcome to Wolf Camp and the Conservation College. We are an outdoor educational institute featuring the Wolf Journey Earth Skills Training Course and offering summer youth camps, and academic year workshops and classes, throughout Western Washington for all ages.

We’re looking forward to spending time outdoors with you!

wolf camp 1All our programs focus on skills of the:

  1. The Neighborhood Naturalist
  2. Traditional Herbalist
  3. Wildlife Tracker
  4. Wilderness Survival Scout
  5. Ancient Artisan Crafts
  6. Honorable Hunting & Fishing
  7. Sustainability & Permaculture
  8. Environmental Education.

Founders and proprietors Kim & Chris Chisholm are on site teaching and directing during every program which takes place in beautiful wilderness locations across Washington state.

Join any of our camps, classes, workshops, expeditions and apprenticeships to build knowledge and/or skills in:

  1. Sustainability and self-sufficiency
  2. Wilderness survival
  3. Traditional technologies
  4. Wild edible and medicinal plants
  5. Wildlife tracking and birding
  6. Honorable hunting and fishing
  7. Outdoor teaching, parenting, and leadership
  8. An environmental policy such as climate and wolves

Contact:  Wolf Camp

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