The Business Of Doing Good

The Business of Doing Good is a social entrepreneur day program for 10 to 14-year-olds – we help kids put their passion into action!

Our goal is to help your child identify one of many passions they may have and instill the determination and skills to achieve their goals.  

We provide a dynamic and engaging curriculum that will leave kids inspired to change the world.

Our program is highly individualized to meet your child’s interest and skill set.  We provide the exposure and tools, and every participant chooses their own topic to focus on.  In just five days, kids will learn the fundamentals of business and social impact, meet prominent entrepreneurs and create their own business plans.

the business of doing goodDaily themes include:

  • Idea Generation: Participants explore needs in their community and their passion areas to determine an idea to work on.
  • Market Analysis: Participants determine a broader market perspective of their project and identify a problem to be solved from a customer/societal point of view.
  • Financial Analysis: Participants build an understanding of costs and income, and how to ensure they build a sustainable and profitable revenue model.
  • Pitching: Participants learn authentic storytelling strategies to describe their projects.
  • Taking Action: Participants create a specific plan to put their passion into action.

the business of doing good

Post-program survey data show improvement in students’ confidence in their abilities.

  • 88% said that they believe they can make a difference.
  • 70% said they now understand how a business is run.
  • 70% said they could use data to make business decisions.
  • 82% said could now present their ideas in front of large groups.

Here what kids are saying about the program:

“This program was an eye-opener for me.  Even if they do not want to, they should attend!”

“It helps you think more about making a difference”

“Helping people is fun!”

“I learned how to use my money”  How to be more positive  How to be more outgoing”

“Learning that I can make a difference!”

How will your child change the world?

Our programs are held in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

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