The New Jersey Institute of Nature is a learning institution that connects classroom content to transferable skills

New Jersey Institute of Nature Prepares Next Generation of Environmental Change-Makers

Are you a middle or high schooler who wants to be the next ecological change maker?

Do you want to be part of a camp that prioritizes hands-on, deep learning?

Do you want to be part of a camp that believes play and independent exploration in Nature are essential parts of education and self-growth?

Are you wanting a camp experience that prioritizes self-discovery and mental health awareness?

You’ve found it.

New Jersey Institute of Nature was created with the sole purpose of  curating immersive education experiences that allow space for young people to recognize their special talents and interests and provide thorough environmental education in a way that grows powerful future leaders for ecological change. NJIN is founded on three pillars: building a strong foundation of scientific research for future scholars, supporting the development of future entrepreneurs, and sharing wellness resources for personal health and development.

Our summer program, L.E.A.F. stands for Leadership Enterprise at Fredon and is a camp that teaches middle and high schoolers how to explore their life experience, identify their personal passion, learn how to curate innovative mindsets, and utilize all of this to create effective, sustainable solutions for environmental issues. Our program is guided by both the leadership development principles of David Novak and the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

With these in mind, we create education experiences that teach leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, and environmental knowledge with a heavy focus on STEM research. Lessons surround such topics as sustainability practices, pond ecology, nitrogen fixation, carbon sequestration, pollinators, bee-keeping, and socio-emotional wellbeing — all of which are explored hands-on at our farm.

learn more about camps with friendsArts & crafts and outdoor physical activities such as horse-care, paddle-boating, volleyball, and soccer allow students room for play to solidify concepts learned throughout the day. Students also enjoy fascinating trips to local sustainability initiatives to see these concepts at work in the real world.

We believe that deep learning occurs when young people have the space and opportunity to experiment and experience. Our program is fashioned to help students make education a personal and interactive process. A typical camper at L.E.A.F. enjoys having fun, is engaged with the world around them, wants to participate in activities, is eager to learn, and is passionate about being tomorrow’s environmental change maker.

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