Zap Entertainment

At Zap Entertainment you will learn magic and its allied arts via our virtual format or live workshops.  Zap Entertainment is rated as one of the top event planning companies in North Ohio. Over many years our business has grown from doing magic shows to becoming a full-blown event planning company. We offer all sorts of entertainment and fun items for your party plans.

Along with entertaining we have developed a large instructional business too. We teach magic, juggling, and origami to theater groups, summer camps, library programs, and after school programs.

With Covid 19 our business took a sudden shift into the world of Zoom shows and instruction. Now we have done shows for private groups, weddings, corporate events, schools, and libraries, performing shows and teaching magic and its allied arts via a virtual format.

So, if you are interested in delving into the wonderful world of magic, juggling, or origami we can certainly be there to guide you and teach you what you need to know. We can offer small intimate one on one classes or interactive magic classes for groups as well. Everyone gets hands-on training and loads of videos and written materials as part of the course.

If you are ready to have fun learning the art and history of entertaining with magic Zap can be your one-stop-shop in helping you visit the world of wonder. Our workshops are geared for 3rd grade and up so visit our website and please feel free to reach out to us. We hope to get you started and “On Stage” soon.

Bob Durante

Aka Mr. Zap

Contact: Zap Entertainment

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Expression Dance Studios

expression dance studioWelcome to Expression Dance Studio

Expression Dance Studio’s goal is to provide students with a safe environment in which they can express themselves through movement. All dancers will learn correct technique in a fun and enjoyable way. Instructors will encourage each student to express their own unique individuality and style. Students will develop an appreciation and respect for the art of dance. Expression Dance Studio has created a family friendly environment where kids can be kids. We use age appropriate music and costumes.

Everyone that joins Expression Dance Studio immediately feels a part of our dance family. Studio owner, Amber Saraceno encourages dancers of all ages and abilities to find their passion for dance. Whether a dancer is 18 months or 100 years old, there is a place for them at Expression Dance Studio. Students who take 1 class a week and students that are on our award winning competitive company are all treated as equal members of our studio and family.

See more videos on our channel!

Students are always welcome with a warm smile and great big hug! We invite you to come visit our studio and enjoy a free class on us to see what we are all about!


Contact: Expression Dance Studio

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What do you think about this business? 

Does this sound like somewhere you would send your kids?

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Multimedia Makeup Academy

Multimedia Makeup Academy’s Aspiring Artist Camps

The 2020 Kid’s Summer Camps and Multimedia Makeup Academy are on a mission to provide a fun, stress-free, collaborative atmosphere for young artists, ages 9-16, to build self-confidence, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills while fostering artistic talents and tendencies! Continue reading “Multimedia Makeup Academy”