International Camp

“At International Camp, we believe that learning occurs best through
engaging experience. We have chosen the Greek Highlands to offer a

summer experience rich in fun, friendship, learning, and adventure.
International Camp is aimed at individuals and groups of young people
between the ages of 11 and 17 who want to practice and improve their
spoken English through fun activities in nature. Students spend their
days in groups of 15 students, using specially-designed material and
engaging in fun-filled activities.
International Camp has been created by experienced educators and is
ideal for young learners who do not want yet another classroom-based
course, and who enjoy project work and collaborative learning seeking
the thrill of new experiences. It is also aimed at families who spend
their holidays in the country and would like their children to do
something creative and fun.
At Camp, we strive to maintain an environment that both
encourages personal growth and creates an unforgettable summer

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