Camp Ithiel: Where Adventure Meets Inspiration for the Ultimate Summer Camp Experience

Escape to a summer of adventure at Camp Ithiel where tradition meets the thrill of new experiences. Here, each camper discovers their potential in a picturesque lakeside setting, fostering a sense of freedom and personal growth.

What We Offer

Your Summer Haven

Nestled in nature’s embrace, Camp Ithiel provides a sanctuary for young explorers. We specialize in adventure, creative arts, and hands-on learning—all set by a serene lakeside.

Our Programs in Action

Our campers indulge in:

  • Lakeside Exploration: Canoeing, fishing, and waterfront games in the heart of nature.
  • Artistic Expression: Crafting and creativity take center stage in our bustling arts and crafts hub.
  • Environmental Education: Our interactive eco-sessions turn curiosity into environmental stewardship.

Hearing from the Heart

Parents rave about the changes they see in their kids—”Camp Ithiel’s blend of nature, nurture, and adventure has unlocked a confidence in my child that I hadn’t seen before.”

Why Choose Us?

Select Camp Ithiel for an unforgettable summer where kids connect with nature, make new friends, and create stories they’ll tell for years to come.

Join us at Camp Ithiel this summer for an unforgettable journey. Dive into an experience that is as timeless as nature and as enriching as tradition. Your adventure awaits!