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Rockbrook is a sleepaway summer camp for girls located in the mountains of western North Carolina near Brevard. 

Established in 1921, it offers a diverse program of horseback riding, outdoor adventure activities, whitewater rafting, ceramics, crafts, and many other activities.  Girls ages 6-16 attend for 2-, 3- or 4-week sessions. Campers live with other girls their age under the supervision of skilled instructors and cabin counselors. Rockbrook has a 1:4 staff/camper ratio, and is accredited by the American Camp Association.

rockbrook camp for girls white water raftingRockbrook provides a classic camp program of recreation, adventure, creativity, and fun designed for girls. A day at Rockbrook is filled with new experiences and great opportunities to develop lasting friendships. Emphasizing a friendly and non-competitive environment, our goal is for each camper to gain, at her own pace, greater self-confidence and a deeper understanding of herself and of her relationship with other people and the natural world.

At Rockbrook, we believe a summer camp for girls should be both fun and formative, both exciting and supportive, both challenging and rewarding. We believe young girls thrive best when encouraged to make decisions for themselves, to engage new physical and creative activities, and to develop meaningful friendships.

rockbrook camp for girls 2Rockbrook is a tight-knit community defined by how we relate to each other— with an explicit ethic of kindness, caring, and generosity. When girls join this sort of intentional community when the culture of camp inspires everyone to be more kind, caring and generous toward each other, they naturally grow more self-aware and develop greater social awareness along the way. This community builds relationship skills like cooperation and compassion and drives the incredible camp friendships girls gain.

rockbrook camp for girls 4With somewhat silly abandon, with “the fun of it” energizing everything, Rockbrook’s encouraging community inspires a joyful and creative approach to life.

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