Unlock a World of Adventure: Top Summer Camp Games & Outdoor Escapades

Grab your backpacks, fellow adventurers, and let’s embark on a journey to the heart of summer camp magic! As the sun paints the sky with the promise of new beginnings, I invite you to dive into the glittering pool of possibilities that summer camp offers. From the laugh-filled open fields of classic games to the majestic solitude of nature’s embrace, there’s a world out there waiting to be explored. Let’s journey through the top summer camp games together, one adventure-laced page at a time. Continue reading “Unlock a World of Adventure: Top Summer Camp Games & Outdoor Escapades”

Brightly Art Studio: Igniting Creativity and Imagination in Every Child

Introducing Brightly Art Studio – a mesmerizing world of colors where creativity reigns and imaginations flourish. Our studio enkindles the flame of artistic passion in each child, kindling their inner Picasso.

What We Offer

Brightly Art Studio is a cocoon of creativity, nurturing every child’s artistic aspirations. Our camps are a unique blend of fun, art, and personal development—going beyond a typical summer experience.

Our Programs in Action

  • Art Workshops: A rich array of art West Belfast, from painting to sculpting, and everything in between.
  • Interactive Exhibitions: Our students exhibit their masterpieces, instilling pride in their artwork and bolstering confidence.
  • Themed Camp Days: Ranging from pop art to nature-inspired projects—making each day a new adventure.

Our studio is brimming with success stories. One parent shares, “Brightly has ignited my child’s creative spark. Their art has blossomed, so has their self-confidence.”

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Brightly means nurturing your child’s artistic passion in a stimulating, supportive environment emphasizing creativity’s joy, confidence, and connection.

Join us and let your child’s creativity illuminate at Brightly Art Studio. Dive right in here. Learn more about the benefits of arts sleepaway camp.

Unleash Your Child’s Creativity: 5 Ways to Foster Artistic Expression in Kids

As a parent, one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the freedom to express themselves creatively. Nurturing a child’s imagination and ability to think outside the box from an early age helps build self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

The good news is, that fostering your child’s creativity doesn’t require expensive equipment or programs. With some simple activities, you can unleash your child’s inner artist and set them up for a lifetime of creative expression. Here are 5 engaging ways to boost your child’s imagination and help them develop an artistic mindset: Continue reading “Unleash Your Child’s Creativity: 5 Ways to Foster Artistic Expression in Kids”

Creatively Wild Art Studio

Winner Best Art School in Brooklyn 2021 + 2022

Nominated Best Art School in Brooklyn 2023

Nominated Best Art Camp in Brooklyn 2023

Nominated Best Continuing Education Art Program 2023


Our award-winning Art Camps are designed for both Kids + Teens and offered with dates through December. Happy Campers explore a huge range of Art media- dive into Painting, Drawing, Manga, Anime, Collage, 3D, Mixed Media, Found Object Art + more! Inspiring Camp themes are different every single day on a range of subjects and seasonal celebrations of course!

If you LOVE ART this camp is for you- perfect for all levels!


BAC : Brookline Arts Center

It’s never too late to start a New Year’s Resolution. In fact, how about you add “take an art class” to your list? The Winter session is almost upon us at the Brookline Arts Center! Not to worry, there are still open spots left! From ceramics to jewelry-making, to paint and printmaking, the BAC has something for everyone! Register today!

Continue reading “BAC : Brookline Arts Center”