Cedarbrook Camp In PA

Cedarbrook camp PA

Cedarbrook Camp in Pennsylvania is all about showing campers the excitement of a Christ-centered life. 

We are a high energy Christian camp that lives the motto “Christ in all we do”.  We have lots of really great fun activities like archery, horseback riding, rifles, woodworking, rocketry, arts and crafts, nature exploration, sign language, candy making, and sooooo many more. 

One thing that makes us unique is our approach to each activity.  While we have a TON of fun, we also include Bible lessons right into all our activities.  We learn how to integrate our faith with our everyday lives. 

Cedarbrook camp PA 3Campers spend time outdoors in nature as much as possible.  We have a night where we even cookout on the campfire for dinner! 

We have two weeks of camp, the last two weeks of July.  One is all girls and the other is coed. Our campers have completed 1st grade – 11th grade.  So it’s a pretty wide range of ages.  We do have a weekend stay over option for girls who have completed grades 5+ and attend both weeks of camp. 

Cedarbrook camp PA 1Cedarbrook Camp In PA is accredited by the American Camp Association.

We also have an amazing leadership program (Campers in Leadership Training –CILT) for our older campers.  You can apply for that program after you have finished 9th grade.  It’s a 3 summer, 2 school year program that teaches leadership skills in addition to teaching you how to be an amazing camp counselor. 

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