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Winter at Granite Ridge Christian Camp had traditionally been downtime for us here in Creston. The winter months were typically a time to work on projects and work on deferred maintenance items. All the things that are just to hard to get accomplished in the short time span we have between groups during the rest of the year.

granite ridge 2Not so anymore. The camp has spent a great deal of time and resources upgrading and improving our accommodations. With more an more groups using us year round and the addition of heaters and a/c units in the dorms, we have many groups that have outgrown the Lodge and are now using or have added the Lower Dorm rooms for their retreats.

We are way more than just a summer camp. In fact, the vast majority of our groups are weekend retreats. We host Church Group Retreats, Family Reunions, Greek Letter Organization Retreats, Educational Conferences, Boy & Girl Scout Events and everything in between, and more


The best compliment we receive is when a new group or organization calls and tells us they were referred by another group or a participant from another camp or retreat. We want to continue to serve all of you the best way possible. Let us know how we can continue to grow and improve.

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