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Summer camps can provide an environment for fun and/or learning, but few can transform a boy both physically and mentally like the Marine Military Academy in Texas.

Marine Military Academy, a boys’ college-prep (boarding) high school, offers a four-week military adventure for schoolboys ages 11-18. MMA Summer Camp is highly physical and highly structured, and campers stay busy from sunup to sundown. In 28 days, MMA campers complete more than 30 exciting military challenges and sports — from archery to mud diving, from paintball to ziplining! The camp even offers two electives, Flight Training, and SAT/ACT Prep.

MMA texasMMA welcomes young men from near and afar, international campers can take the alternative English immersion camp, ESL Summer Camp. ESL campers spend their days studying English in school and their afternoons and weekends participating in regular camp events.

In addition to self-discipline and work ethic, campers are taught other life skills during the activities, such as respect, communication, and teamwork. Additionally, campers learn to focus and break free from mobile phones, video games, and other “abused” electronic devices.

MMA Summer Camp offers boys much more than recreation, it offers them a life-changing journey. It reshapes them in three key ways: fitness, confidence, and motivation.


Whether it is marching, swimming or rock climbing, MMA campers are constantly in motion. Most of them either drop a noticeable amount of weight or gain significantly more muscle by the close of camp. No matter the initial shape of the boy, all campers benefit from the physical conditioning.


All camp challenges — such as jumping off a telephone pole! — teach boys to face and overcome their fears, or just stretch their comfort zones. With every “victory,” campers gain more self-confidence. The self-confidence, in turn, helps them develop into young leaders.   


Campers achieve so much in such a short time, they leave MMA with a shot of self-motivation! Most campers wish to continue their success, so they set higher goals for themselves when they return home. This self-motivation is often reflected in a more positive and ambitious attitude. 

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