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Set apart by our small size and focus on non-competitive achievement, Birch Rock Camp has provided a summer home for boys ages 7 – 16 since 1926. 

The camp’s mission is to challenge campers to take responsibility for their own lives, and to help them appreciate the needs of others in emphasizing our motto:  Help the Other Fellow.  Birch Rock’s program promotes the well-rounded development of its campers by building character and encouraging cooperation, confidence, and a willingness to try new things. 

A proud and accredited member of the American Camp Association and active partner with Maine Summer Camps, Birch Rocker is an old-fashioned boys’ residential camp where tradition and hallowed ritual surround every aspect of the day from the wake-up bell to the lights-out call. 

birch rock 1Our daily program offers the right balance of structure and free choice – as well as the perfect blend of energetic fun, quiet concentration on tasks and relaxing downtime including in our unique library.  

While there are many activities (camping trips, swimming, watercraft, field sports, arts, nature, and primitive skills…etc.)  to choose from daily, each camper is required to set goals for himself and set a plan for achievement.    Learning by doing and sharing is how Birch Rockers build more self-esteem and personal success.

The Birch Rock Community is distinguished by the many campers and counselors (3 to 1 ratio) who return each year, and even for decades.  Birch Rockers are committed to being the finest mentors and passing on our values and cherished traditions to generations of campers to come. 

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