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The Road Less Traveled is a teen summer community service, language and adventure travel program that offers an opportunity for young people to engage in a service of presence and active listening in the world.

We are an American Camp Association accredited and B-Corp certified program.


Our mission is to provide a life-changing experience by exploring some of the world’s most extraordinary places and make meaningful contributions interacting with native people, breaking down barriers, and serving the goals of a community that welcomes us.

At The Road Less Traveled we encourage involvement and cultivate leadership, excellence, openness and sensitivity, initiative, social activism, and environmentalism.

What We Do & Where We Do It:

You may build a school or medical outpost in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Vietnam, Tanzania or Thailand, work on environmental projects, restore coral reef in the Florida Keys, save monk seals in Hawaii, and work with wolves in Colorado or aid disaster relief victims. We travel to Norway, crossing the entire country kayaking, rafting, biking, and hiking and offer formal language coursework in Costa Rica, Ecuador or Italy.

road less travelled 2road less travelled 1At The Road Less Traveled we offer surfing, rock climbing, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, SCUBA PADI certifications, backpacking. We take very seriously the ethics of being responsible travelers remembering we are the strangers in the communities we visit. We fully understand the responsibility of honoring, preserving the natural environment in which we live, fostering environmental stewardship and of being respectful to each person in the community, and respecting the various cultures we meet and live with.

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Our programs:

Our programs take youth outside to seek adventure, experience challenge, make new friends, build community and understand the world and its people in a different way.

We knew the most important gift we could give the developing minds and hearts of teens was a deeper sense and understanding of the world — first hand. One that was not conveyed through media, Facebook, or YouTube clips. One formed for themselves – outside themselves.

You will contribute, learn and return home with a life-changing travel experience to remember.

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