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Our GREEN Values

At Shibley Day Camp we create magical experiences that promote personal growth and lifelong friendships in our nurturing, down to earth environment.

Camp is fun and magical for the children, but it is also much more than that. Having strong values that are modeled consistently and intentionally by our staff leads to lifelong friendships and personal growth. Confident campers with strong values will then have the tools to become our future leaders and innovators.

The Shibley community has ALWAYS displayed these values, and now we have created a wonderful way to highlight and celebrate them. It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you Shibley Day Camp’s GREEN Values:


We are givers. We put others before ourselves. If we give all that we have to others, we will get back much, much more in return.


We will work hard to make personal connections with others and earn their respect. We will respect ourselves and the Shibley environment.


We will share and feel the emotions of other members of our community. We will listen and show respect for alternate points of view even when we may disagree with them.


We will exhaust every option and use every bit of energy to meet our goals.


We will care for and nurture our community of diverse individuals. We are a family and will treat each member of our community as such.

Last summer we introduced GREEN Thursdays.  Every Thursday we celebrate members of the Shibley community who consistently display our GREEN values at camp. I LOVE #GREENTHURSDAYS this since I love opportunities to model and celebrate these values and also green is my favorite color!

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