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Kroka Expeditions is a non-profit wilderness expedition school based on a year-round, organic farm in Marlow, New Hampshire. We believe that consciousness and altruistic will can be brought forward through a living relationship with the natural world and by taking our places within the circle of community.

Kroka’s founding principle is to bring children into nature using the dynamic modern pursuits of White Water Paddling, Climbing, Caving and Mountaineering. Our curriculum of natural sciences, traditional and indigenous craft skills, arts and music, and the philosophy of simplicity are brought into the experience in measured doses as participants become ready for them. The teaching focus is always on positive change in the world, special human contributions to the society and the wonders of nature.

kroka 1Through our experiences working with Waldorf schools, Kroka made the decision to become a Waldorf-inspired school. Waldorf pedagogy is now an integral part of our staff training along with the study of singing, eurhythmy and other Waldorf-inspired art and movement forms. Experienced Waldorf educators join Kroka programs each summer to share their teaching experience and learn how we work with children in the outdoors.

kroka 2Kroka Village lies nestled in the high country of southwestern New Hampshire between the Ashuelot and Cold Rivers, on 120 acres of forests, fields, cliffs, and streams adjacent to a large wilderness area. Here we bring intention, connection, and simplicity to the work that we do.

kroka 3Much of the food at Kroka comes from our own biodynamic farm. We enjoy delicious eggs from our free-range hens, fresh vegetables from garden and greenhouse, berries and apples from our fields, and raw milk, yogurt, cheese and meat from our cows. The food we serve is produced locally as often as possible, and its mindful cultivation, harvest, and preparation are a celebrated part of our curriculum and community.

kroka 4Kroka Expeditions is proud of our wood-fired and solar-powered camp village, as well as our cooking and administrative facilities, which bring us closer to becoming a “carbon-neutral” organization. Through living and working with these systems, students learn that energy sustainability can be possible within the scale of a small interdependent community. All structures on campus are built with local materials by staff and students working together with local materials. With the exception of the administrative building, Kroka village is internet and cell phone-free.

Our life and work at Kroka seeks to expand and deepen the web of our community. Our farm products are sold throughout the Monadnock Region, and we enjoy rich collaborations and active engagement in serving our local community

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