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French Woods is an individual choice performing arts summer camp for children from 7 to 17 years old. We offer programs in theater, dance, music, circus, magic, rock and roll, visual arts, film and video, sports, tennis, fitness, water sports, skateboard, horseback riding and more.

Younger campers have more guidance and supervision, while older campers are able to take on some responsibility and have a chance to work in the areas of their interest.

Each camper designs his or her own unique summer experience. We feature world-class programs coached by a diverse, multi-national and talented counselor and adult staff members.

french woods performing arts campCampers are able to focus on one particular area of interest, or they may choose to select a variety of our activities. We offer all the traditional camp activities a-la-carte and are famous for our programs in dance, theater, music, circus, magic, visual arts, film and video, sports, tennis, fitness, waterfront, skateboard, rock and roll, and horseback riding.

french woods performing arts camp 3French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts is located on a private lake in the western Catskill Mountains of New York State near the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania Border. The camp is approximately two and a half hours from New York City, between Monticello and Binghamton.

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