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Color Me Empowered feature art classes, workshops & Summer Camps. They provide programming that empowers children and communities through the implementation of civic art and facilitation of quality visual arts education. We envision communities that utilize creative means to generate positive social change.  Our core beliefs focus on these elements: Creativity, Optimism, Kindness, Consistency, Self-Respect, Compassion, Cultural Sensitivity, Sustainability, Teamwork, and Transparency.

What Does ART teach children?

Art teaches children several wonderful skills, but two of the most important are empathy and creative problem-solving.  Our art classes and summer camps are a great way for children to dive into their creativity and develop those skills.  We solemnly believe that art and art education are necessary elements to creating a better world. 

art classes

When a child attends one of our classes, there is no pre-requisite for them to attend, nor is there a level of exclusivity that separates the “gifted” from the “average.”  At Color Me Empowered, every child is gifted and exceptional.  Our job is to pull all the good things out of them by providing them with a creative safe space to learn, to fail, to grow, and to create.  What we have found is that there is sometimes resistance to our methods. When we encourage a child to push through the frustration and the fear, the results are nothing short of phenomenal. 


Once a child has been through our programming, they begin to see themselves differently.  They feel more capable and self-assured.  And while it may not seem like a big deal from the outside looking in, what we have found is that the students that we’ve worked with have a strong sense of resilience and optimism that helps them in all areas of their lives.  They don’t all grow up to be artists, but the creative problem-solving skills they acquire with us carry over into other careers.  We’re very proud of our alumni.

Summer Camp Options:

We offer two kinds of camps in the summer:  traditional and STEAM.  Our traditional art classes focus on artistic mediums and skills:  ceramics, drawing, watercolor, etc.  Our STEAM classes integrate art with science, technology, engineering, and math.  All our classes are hands-on, but our STEAM camps also emphasize teamwork and group problem-solving; they are also more active since they are held in the afternoon. 

Our Approach:

With every camp and class, our approach is the same.  At Color Me Empowered we meet each child at the skill level they come in with.  We keep our class size small, so each child can get individualized attention.  Our staff are inclusive, which means we are happy to work with children who have learning differences or are on the spectrum.  Art is so important to the healthy development of children that we will do all we can to ensure that your child is happy and progressing in our programming. 

Beyond The Class:

Beyond our classes, there are other ways for you and your child to get involved in what we do.  Public art is a very large component of our mission and when we are working on a large-scale project, we typically invite our students and their families to come and help.  It is important for children to see what a magnificent difference our collective efforts can make. 

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