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Camp Stomping Ground is an overnight camp dedicated to inspiring the next generation of radically empathetic decision-makers.

We inspire radical empathy in four main ways by practicing humble curiosity, unbounded creativity, restorative practices, and personal responsibility.

Choice Based Schedule:

One of the parts of camp that make Stomping Ground unique is our choice-based schedule. Campers choose how to spend their time at Stomping Ground. They are offered a menu of different options and activities and choose which they would like to opt into. Activities range from more traditional summer camp activities such as archery, soccer, canoeing, and painting, to what we like to call outrageous activities which include “Tea with the Queen,” “Christmas in July,” or “The Hunt for Bigfoot.”

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The Circle System:

The other aspect of camp that makes Stomping Ground unique is the way we navigate conflict, which we refer to as the Circle System. Before coming to Stomping Ground, staff and campers agree to talk about the conflict when it arises. We acknowledge that conflict is natural and normal in a community where people are living closely together.

Rather than address conflict in a punitive or shameful way, we have a system in place for campers and staff to deal with conflict restoratively. This means agreeing to talk about conflict with one another, learning how to ask for help when the conflict seems difficult to navigate on our own and practicing coming up with solutions collaboratively.

stomping ground 6The circle system isn’t perfect and not every conflict at camp is always solved immediately, but we believe it is important to empower members of our community to hold themselves accountable in difficult situations and implement restorative practices through communication and collaboration.

Ideas & Philosophies:

Camp Stomping Ground is built on a lot of big ideas and philosophies about people and the world we live in. What it comes down to, is that we believe summer camp is one of the best places to form relationships, feel connected, and develop a strong sense of mastery and belonging.

One of the biggest issues facing society today is that we tend to only relate to people that are similar to us. If our community is built on connection, and a connection is what is most needed in the world today, we hope that Stomping Ground is a stepping stone for changing the way people think about each other, and inspire a generation that knows more is possible.

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