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Our Company, Full Year & Summer Camp Musical Theater Programs

Seele Stars is a children’s musical theater company that seeks to instill, foster, and improve children’s education and critical skills through the experience of the performing arts in the Bay Area, CA.

These skills include memorization and expression techniques—applicable to future job interviews, public speaking, presentations, etc.—team building and cooperation, appreciation of diversity, self-esteem elaboration, talent development/body awareness, and more.

This company is an outlet for students grades K-8 to further their talents through theater while building friendships and nurturing self-worth in a safe environment. As Seele Stars members rehearse and perform, they are provided with opportunities to appreciate themselves while learning lifelong skills that will help them succeed in the future both on and off the stage.

Academics Meet Performing Arts

Classes are taught by the company’s founder and artistic director, Rachel Seele. Miss Seele, as the students call her, has a Masters of Education Degree in Teaching from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and six years of full-time primary school teaching experience (multiple subject teaching credential).

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She prides herself on being a highly qualified director and educator both locally in the San Francisco/Bay Area and internationally at Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre in China and Miracle Works in Seoul, South Korea.

Our Community, Our Uniqueness

Since 2014, when Seele Stars was on a specific school site, it has always been a goal to involve more members of the community in the company–students and families alike! What makes Seele Stars a truly unique opportunity in Berkeley is that it’s a program for parents/guardians to come together as volunteers to support their children in the productions.

All aspects of the shows–costumes, props, set pieces, etc.–are designed and created by the community. The outcomes are professional-looking, and the K-8 performers have an increased amount of pride in their performances truly knowing and witnessing the effort of their supporters. Alumni of Seele Stars also train as assistant directors during the school year programs and Seele Stars Summer Camps.

Our School Sites & Upcoming Summer Camps

Seele Stars is currently partnering with five different school sites (public, private charter, private parochial, and independent schools) providing musical theater classes to over three hundred students during the school day/after school programs that include showcases, themed camps, and full performances.

Having spearheaded arts programs at multiple schools, the founder/teacher of Seele Stars has successfully collaborated with school boards, parent-teacher groups, and staff members of schools to ensure quality education to students via the arts and would love the opportunity to do so with your school community!

Currently, their Main Stage Program is well into rehearsals with students from ten different schools collaborating on a 60-minute production. Seele Stars is also preparing for three, one-week summer camps!

Registration is currently available for K-8 students to spend a week (9-4 PM, aftercare available 4-6 PM) with a credentialed teacher as academic lessons complement the thematic singing, dancing, and acting which results in a showcase performance highlighting student learning. Encourage your student to become a Seele Star where they will imagine, learn, and shine! 

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