Cricmax Indoor Cricket Centre

Cricmax mission is simple. Make Cricket Possible. We want to be part of every person’s cricket journey in the USA. In the end, they should dwell on 22 yards of life.


In order to achieve our goals and mission, we at Cricmax have created the largest state of the art amenity complemented indoor Cricket Facility. In the words of Michael Clarke, who inaugurated the facility, “This is easily a top 15 cricket facility in my books”. We want adults and kids alike to have an experience which will entangle them to grow their cricketing prowess. We accomplish this goal by providing, Pitch vision, motion tracking, and video analysis hardware/software, Bola bowling machine, best cricket pitching machine, Pro Full Time Coaches, Full-length fast bowler run-ups, Wider Net width to envision shots. To top all of these Cricmax offers via its sister company Cricket Store Online widest variety of Cricket equipment’s to ensure if it is cricket it is Cricmax.

cricmax indoor cricket facility cricmax indoor cricket facility

Summer Camps:

Cricmax over the years has a become a premium coaching academy. Kids and adults from all across the country visit Cricmax to get trained by resident and visiting coaches. Cricmax also has the best winning ratio, in last 5 years, winning 92% of its tournament in which they participate. Cricmax runs summer program from June to September, which is divided into three different skill groups, Intro to Cricket, I can play leather ball, I want to be a cricketer. All these camps run during different weeks and are generally a 9:00 to 5:00 affair. Every day is divided into three general sections, physical fitness, and exercise, skill development, Free play or game. Based on the skills of the kid’s intensity of each activity changes. During Summer camps kids get exposed to specialty batting, bowling and fielding coaches. Cricmax also offers baseball, yoga, kickball, chess, and other sports as an alternative during a week-long summer camp.

cricmax indoor cricket facility


Summer Camps will entertain kids, but what about adults who don’t have time for a full day’s game, and are itching to get out there and play. Cricmax has the perfect solution for this irresistible itch, in form of a Six-a-Side indoor event. Teams of 6 compete against each other in a 10 over match. Since the entire event is indoors, rain, shine or snow doesn’t matter, the game goes on. Every player has to mandatory bowl and bat, creating a perfect playing environment to get loads of fun for every person in the team. Over the years, Cricmax had the pleasure of hosting tournaments for many companies, such as Citi Bank, Bank of America, Bloomberg, Wipro, Smart Choice to name a few.

cricmax indoor cricket facility

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