What is Kidstrong Waldwick?

Building a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle for Kids in Waldwick

Kidstrong Waldwick is a youth training program designed to improve physical skills, strength, and coordination for kids ages 6-18. Constructing an Active and Nutritious Way of Life for Children in Waldwick -Creating a Vigorous and Fit Existence for Kids in Waldwick. Through age-appropriate training and skill-building activities, its mission is to help young athletes build confidence, learn proper technique, and develop the strength and agility necessary to excel in a variety of sports. Its coaches have backgrounds in physical education, strength and conditioning, and athletic performance, and they use motivational techniques to help young athletes reach their goals.

How does the program work?

Kidstrong’s Waldwick program is designed to support the development of physical intelligence and endurance in children aged five to eleven. The program focuses on helping children develop physical coordination, awareness, stamina, strength, agility and flexibility, helping them to build the physical capacity and conditioning needed to participate in the other activities offered in their program. The program includes activities such as endurance training, interval training, basic movement patterns, obstacle courses, and games that are designed to be fun and engaging while working on specific skills. Each class includes warm-up activities, technical skill-building and energetic games. The Kidstrong program fosters a sense of joy and camaraderie amongst the participants as they learn and play together.

Can I apply to own a Kidstrong Center?

Yes, you may apply to own a Kidstrong center. The application is available on the Kidstrong website. Please be sure to review all eligibility requirements prior to completing the application. You will also be asked to submit a business plan and financial information before you can be considered for approval.

Kidstrong centerWhen was Kidstrong founded?

Kidstrong was founded in 2016.

Creating a Vigorous and Fit Existence for Kids in Waldwick

Does Kidstrong offer summer camps?

Yes, Kidstrong typically offers summer camps throughout the summer months. The activities, themes, and dates can vary from year to year and can depend on the location of the camp. Check your local Kidstrong website for more information and to register for upcoming camps.

How many locations does Kidstrong have?

Kidstrong currently has four locations: Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA.

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