Camp Nicolet For Girls

Remember those old post cards from the lake country up north? Those might be the kinds of things that pop into mind when you discover Camp Nicolet for girls; it’s a genuine place that’s reminiscent of simpler times.

What’s important to realize, however, is that this family legacy camp is not stuck in the past. In fact, Camp Nicolet has a tradition of embracing the novel (for example, its stellar waterskiing program was among the first anywhere) and thoughtful programming (like its recent move to a more “camper choice” activity design.) Their willingness to adopt new ideas is a careful process that weighs the benefits with maintaining their long held values.

Camp Nicolet’s five activity periods are chosen among a range of traditional summer camp options. Take a step lakeside, and you’ll understand why the waterfront enjoys so much action during the summer; the long sand beach is a stunner. The old growth white pines create a canopy over this place that hint to just how long Nicolet has been operating. It’s a wonderful outdoor summer home for girls.

The in-camp program is complemented by an optional trip program. A range of trips are age-commensurate, whether camping at nearby Nicolet National Forest, or sea-kayaking Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands, or hiking the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Most girls opt for these adventures to enhance personal development and try something new.

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Their approach to hiring and training counselors helps to ensure a high quality and attentive staff. They focus on hiring activity specialists, then spend a key part of staff training on self-assessment. This allows the counselors an opportunity to “play to their strengths.” It’s an energizing approach that empowers the counselors to be confident in their own skills and personality.

Yes, Camp Nicolet for girls is a happy camp. More importantly, it’s a genuine camp. Many camps rightfully claim to create a family atmosphere. At Camp Nicolet, you get the sense that the family never actually leaves, and that it is part of the fabric of the legacy here.

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