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Navitat is an experienced company; an industry leader whose sole focus is tree-based adventure. We believe that experiencing trees in unique and engaging ways can ultimately thrill, educate and inspire our guests.

Navitat opened its Asheville, North Carolina, location in 2010 with our original tree-based canopy tour, the Moody Cove Adventure. In 2014, we added a second tour to our Asheville location, an unprecedented mountaintop zipline tour, the Blue Ridge Experience. In July 2015, Navitat opened a totally unique tree-based adventure park at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Our Commitment to Conservation

We care about what we do. And what we “do” is all focused on trees. We build in trees, we play in trees, we explore trees in fun and unique ways. And so, naturally, we believe we ought to care for them—deeply. And we do.

We hire staff that have a personal and natural passion for the outdoors. Many have educational backgrounds that support our efforts, and all of our staff benefit from initial and on-going environmental education and training as a part of their employment with Navitat.

In addition to focusing on staff selection and development, we also give very specific attention to the places we’re lucky to call home. Ultimately, our goal is to leave the land better than we found it. To accomplish this, we have invested in creating, implementing, and growing extensive site management plans that include the removal of invasive and exotic plants and treating trees affected by exotic invasive species.

Navitat’s investment in training and developing our staff to be concerned environmental educators and stewards – combined with our extensive site management plans – is a level of commitment you won’t find at any other zipline company. We’re very proud of this distinction and, ultimately, we believe it makes all the difference in the world—in ways that really count!

Why Navitat?

What makes Navitat different than other tour providers is our vision to create something lasting and meaningful.

For us, it’s about more than just the fun we’re lucky to experience every day. It’s about creating opportunities for growth and inspiration that might—just maybe!—cause each of us to reconsider our relationship with the natural world surrounding us.

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