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Many families don’t yet know about summer camp for teens, but they should – Maine Teen Camp provides the most holistic, positive and meaningful summer – simply put, the best teen summer experience.

MTC offers the diversity of an international camp experience, shared sense of community, inclusive, safe and well-supervised social environment to provide the basis for a fun summer, packed full of new experiences, the exploration of new activities, and age-appropriate challenge that teens need to grow, and gain confidence and independence.

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Maine Teen Camp is uniquely situated, bordered by two lakes, nestled into some of Southern Maine’s most scenic hills. A true camp setting, a space apart from the real world, a summer camp for teens. A device free opportunity for teens to relax and reconnect with nature, with friends, and with their own interests.

Most campers coming to MTC for the first time do not know any other campers. Unlike other camps, our campers haven’t known each other since they were 8 years old. Only a teen camp can promise – No cliques. Just new friends.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at MTC. By creating a space that celebrates the individual, in which every individual feels safe, all our campers are free to be their best selves. MTC provides a space for adolescents to tell their own stories, and learn more about who they are and what interests them.

Maine Teen Camp offers over 35 different activities in a fully elective format – rock music, tennis, waterskiing, cooking, community service and so much more. Make the choices that interest you, that make you happy. At MTC, you’re respected as the individual you are

Because MTC only caters to 13 – 17-year-old campers, we are free to create activities, events, and schedules that are developmentally appropriate for teens only! We don’t have to cater to “little kids” and teenagers in one program, so all our classes are challenging and fun for teens.

Summer should be about fun & friends, learning skills school doesn’t teach and recharging emotional & creative energies. MTC is a healthy alternative to college or academic prep programs, competitive sports, or internships. Teenagers NEED a break from the school year, not more of the same.

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