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Top 4 Reasons Why Parents Choose Classroom Antics

Choosing the right camp for your child can be a difficult one. Sometimes it is good to have the opinion of another parent to help guide the way. That is why we have put together some input from the 1000’s of parents that have chosen our programs to give you the top 4 reasons why they registered their children for our summer Classroom Antics STEAM camps:

    • For the Love of the Game – Parents see their kids’ interest in any area including computers, computer games, creating, building, engineering, and technology, and they want to engage them. They are looking to harness their child’s interest and potentially develop into a passion they can use for their future. Parents want to expand their children’s knowledge and horizons, and tech camps are a great way to continue learning and engaging in the areas of STEM. If your child shows interest in areas that our STEAM camp covers, consider giving it a try.
    • For the Novelty – Parents agree that our summer tech camps are unique. They’re a summer opportunity beyond sports camps, that offer learning in areas that schools might not yet teach at ages 7-14. Parents like that our camps teach subjects their kids love but can’t learn in school. And not all kids are interested in your traditional summer camp activities. Summer tech camps are a way for our campers to have fun in the way they want; with computers, technology, science, and creativity.
    • For the Education – While on break, parents want to keep their child’s mind-expanding and thinking. Summer tech camps offer brainwork that empowers creativity and learning. The hands-on projects teach kids new ideas and subjects while engaging them in a way that keeps them interested in learning more. Parents tell us it’s a win-win situation: they continue to enrich their children’s lives, and their child continues to have fun while learning.
    • For the Love of the Camp – This one is simple: parents tell us year after year their kid loved it last summer, so they signed them up again. Nothing confirms satisfaction like repeat use! Parents love when they find something their child likes, and they love to tell other parents about it. Many parents exclaim that they heard by word of mouth how much their friend’s child loved the camp, so they signed up their own son or daughter. Better yet, we see a lot of first-time campers who’s brother or sister loved the camp, so they begged to go the next year, too!

Whatever your reason may be, it is worth checking out our summer Classroom Antics STEAM camps in the areas of video game design, programming, LEGO robotics, stop-motion animation, engineering, Minecraft coding, and video production.

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