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About Camp Wekeela

Founded in 1922, Camp Wekeela for Boys and Girls in Hartford, Maine is one of the countries top summer camp programs for children ages 7-16. We strive to be more than just a summer camp.

We believe that a summer at Wekeela is a coming of age experience for boys and girls where we can prepare them for life as independent, thoughtful and self-confident young adults.  Camp Wekeela’s motto, “Where Friends Become Family” rings true every day, as our camp community is vast and extensive all over the world.

Did you know Wekeela is one of the top-rated food allergy summer camps in the USA and one of the very best in the Northeast US!

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Family Run

Lori and Ephram have been at Camp Wekeela for Boys and Girls since 1997. They oversee all of Wekeela’s operations year-round from their home in Ridgewood, New Jersey. They look forward to spending every summer with Wekeela campers and staff in the beautiful state of Maine.

Ephram is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work from Yeshiva University. Prior to joining Wekeela as a full-time employee, he ran the youth and family programs at both the Clifton and Bergen County, New Jersey JCCs. He was also a school social worker in New York City.

Ephram was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised in New York City. In his youth and throughout college he attended several summer camps as a camper and counselor. Ephram believes that every child should be able to grow and learn in a positive environment and works to continue this goal at Wekeela.

Ephram volunteers as a Standards Visitor for the American Camp Association. He has published many articles as a guest writer on the power of camp and has run several sessions at the annual American Camp Association Conference for other camp professionals.

In addition to being a camp owner/director and a dad, his other favorite roles at camp have been Batman, Darth Vader, Willy Wonka, Captain America, and Thanos to name a few (in our Color War Breaks!).

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Lori is a graduate of Brandeis University and has her MS in Psychology from NYU. She was a middle school teacher and a Guidance Counselor in NYC for 14 years. Lori has published articles as a guest writer on the influence of camp. Lori knows that camp is a powerful tool for children and staff to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. Throughout the summer, Lori oversees the Head Counselors, Cabin Leaders, and Junior Counselors for continued growth. Camp Wekeela is their life and their passion.

Lori and Ephram are members of the Maine Camp Experience and Maine Youth Camp Association (MYCA).

Lori and Ephram’s 3 sons, Jonathan, Matthew, and Jared have all been campers and staff. Jonathan is Camp Wekeela’s Assistant Director and Matthew and Jared are both counselors.

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Why Maine?

What makes summer camp in Maine special? 

Summer in Maine is a magical time for many – especially children who spend time at camp here. Maine has deeper forests, bigger lakes, more rugged mountains, longer rivers than the rest of New England and nearly 3,500 miles of coastline. The Maine coast may have more beautiful towns than any other coast in America. Did you know … Camp Wekeela has campers and staff from 24 states and 18 countries!

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What does a typical Summer Camp Program look like?

  • Summer Session
  • Full Season – Kids Camp

June 22 – Aug 10


  • Full Season – Teen Camp*

June 22 – Aug 10


  • First Session – Kids camp

June 22 – July 20


  • First Session – Teen Camp (includes overnight trip)

June 22 – July 20


  • Rookie Session #1 – Kids Camp

June 22 – July 6


  • Rookie Session #1 – Teen Camp (includes overnight trip)

June 22 – July 6


  • Rookie Session #2

July 6 – July 20


  • Second Session – Kids Camp

July 22 – Aug 10


  • Second Session – Teen Camp (includes White Water Rafting trip)

July 22 – Aug 10


  • Rookie Session #3 – Kids Camp

July 21 – Aug 3


  • Rookie Session #3 – Teen Camp (includes White Water Rafting trip)

July 21 – Aug 3


Daily Activities and Schedule

We’ve developed leading-edge activity programming that includes creative and performing arts, water sports, athletics, outdoor adventure, and nature. We call our daily schedule a Hybrid schedule between required activities and choices. We believe that children should enhance their skills while also trying new things. At Wekeela, every camper is required to go to each activity area, where they get the choice of what activity they would like to do. Programs are tailored to meet your child’s needs and skills. We encourage our campers to make choices, take risks and accept new challenges.

Whether it’s learning to play guitar, improving their tennis game, or making friends with someone from a different state or country; your child will have a summer filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Why a co-ed camp?

The world is a co-ed environment, so we believe that camp should be too! At a co-ed camp, girls and boys become friends and learn to respect each other. Co-ed camps give boys and girls brothers and sisters.

Our Staff

Our outstanding staff members are highly trained professional educators and mature college students who have a wealth of camping, coaching, and teaching experience. They help foster Wekeela values of family, friendship, and learning in everything they do.

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We have department heads, group leaders and counselors that come to Wekeela from the US, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa, China, and New Zealand. We are fortunate that the majority (50%) of our staff are former Wekeela campers. We feel this says a lot about our summer camp. The rich diversity of experiences and cultures serves as a wonderful introduction for our campers to learn about the wider world around them. Our campers and staff always have someone to visit from camp in any country they visit!

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