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Grow grit. Investigate Independence. Kids converge on Camp Foley each summer from all over the world to put aside their phones and computers and work on face to face social skills all the while trying new activities and taking risks in a safe, kid-focused environment. With over 85 years of combined experience, the Camp Foley directors run a seasoned program that has been in operation for over 95 years.  Beautiful Whitefish Lake in North Central, Minnesota offers the perfect backdrop for kids to reconnect with nature and learn from each other.

camp foley Wakeboarding 

Camp Foley has a warm, caring, and positive family atmosphere that allows campers to thrive on new friendships and experiences.  With quality instruction in over 30 activities such as sailing, waterskiing, riflery, and climbing our campers can take healthy, safety risks, which develop physical and emotional skills.  Foley campers develop a stronger sense of self and self-confidence in a supportive, friendly environment.

 Camp Foley Riflery

Camp Foley also features a leadership program for campers age 14-16. The Camp Foley Leadership Program instills leadership skills that can be used not just at camp, but at school, on the job and in your personal life. LITs and CITs gain skills like organization, planning, creativity, presenting, teamwork, observation and more. The skills you gain in the Leadership Program can be used in a variety of places outside the camp. Past LITs and CITs have used their Camp Foley Leadership Program experience when applying to the National Honors Society, to college, for school honors programs and for jobs. You can use your Foley leadership experience for service hours and on your resume. 


An American Camp Association accredited camp.

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