Camp Cedarbrook | In The Adirondacks

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Camp Cedarbrook provides a safe, supportive place for girls to grow in their confidence as they face new challenges within the context of Christian community.

Campers are guided by their counselor and encouraged to take hold of their faith through daily Bible study, devotions, and prayer. Activity areas offer a space for girls to pursue their own interests, gain skills, and a sense of achievement throughout the session. All aspects of camp life are surrounded and aided by an appreciation for God’s creation that we cultivate through outdoor living skills.

At Camp Cedarbrook, we believe it is essential to a young woman’s journey to have a special community to belong to, away from her normal routine, that is dedicated to helping her discover who she is as a daughter of God and empowering her to grow into that role.

To help with that, we use the 4 arrows to illustrate the ways a Cedarbrook camper will grow throughout her time at camp: Inward, Outward, Downward, and Upward.
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Inward by learning about herself and becoming more independent; gaining new skills.

Outward by developing relationships and living in a Christian community.
Downward by gaining an appreciation for God’s creation.
Upward by growing in her relationship with Christ.

Campers set goals and reflect on the 4 arrows during their camp session providing a powerful tool to facilitate growth.
Camp Cedarbrook is located on a private lake in 500 acres of the Adirondacks of New York.