Breakwater Expeditions

Breakwater Expeditions was created over ten years ago with the goal to get more parents and their children into the great outdoors.  These parent-child trips created and led by Breakwater Expeditions allowed families to suspend the myriad distractions of daily life and rediscover the often forgotten gifts of play, humor, gratitude, and understanding.

Over the years Breakwater Expeditions has expanded to work with many different types of clients. We have over 10 destinations we frequent across the country and internationally.  Breakwater continues to open up new locations annually based on the needs of our clients.

Teen and young adult trips in the summer and during holidays have become frequent for Breakwater.  Our highly skilled professionals and wilderness guides have years of experience working with a variety of young people in many different settings. We create an environment where the strengths of individuals are celebrated and the group works and shares in a team experience. These trips are fun, dynamic, natural, and strength-based. There are different activities for young people to learn and develop skills such as canoeing, sea kayaking, backpacking, canyoneering, rock climbing, and more.  These trips can range from 7 days to 30 days.

We intentionally choose expedition-style trips for our teens and young adults.  This style allows life to become simple for young people.  Distractions and electronics are greatly reduced, and awe-inspiring landscapes and fun adventure activities are increased.  Being unplugged allows young people to go back to the basics and connect to who they are, who they want to be, and with that create the healthy relationships with their peers to support each other be present with the adventure.

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In addition to your teen and young adult trips, Breakwater does private family and individual trips as well as groups, organizations, schools, and programs.  We customize each of our trips to meet the need of our clients.


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