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Camp Shady Brook measures success in several ways, one of which is the number of friendships it helps create.

We want each child to forge lifelong relationships with their fellow campers, creating relationships where they can be their true selves. Camp Shady Brook also measures success in terms of each camper’s personal growth.

Whether it’s developing a new sense of independence or becoming more respectful, responsible, caring, or honest, we work to make every camper proud of whom they are and who they can become. Campers take on a host of new challenges and learn new skills, such as how to shoot a bow and arrow, how to ride a horse and how to scale a climbing wall.

\With each skill, they build a sense of confidence in their own ability to achieve and excel, and they leave camp stronger and more self-assured than they were before – and that sounds like success to us.

OUR MISSION To effect positive change in our community by creating opportunities in the outdoors for personal growth, leadership development and the building of relationships through exceptional camping experiences.

OUR PHILOSOPHY At YMCA Camp Shady Brook, we believe every participant should have the following opportunities:

• Participate actively in a community in which all are accepted

• Receive guidance and support in setting and achieving goals

• Increase self-awareness, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem

• Expand their sense of responsibility for the shared experiences of the community

• Develop healthy, supportive relationships with peers and mentors

• Appreciate nature in a beautiful outdoor setting

• Explore and expand new and existing skill sets

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