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Family Kickstart Georgia is a nonprofit organization that focuses on engaging families and communities in literacy programs, basic health programs, youth programs, and access to opportunities.

We provide youth mentoring program for the At-risk youth in Marietta and Cobb County Schools and we offer GED and ESL programs in the community. Our Mentoring Program is focused on improving the well-being of young people and providing them with role models that can support them academically, socially and personally through effective communication, engagement and prosocial activities.

family kickstart georgiaOur ESL and GED programs at Family Kickstart Georgia help to build bridges that engage, empower, support and promote social inclusion of women and families.


Our goal is to Increase self- confidence, dignity, and self-worth, Academic success, Increased chances of higher education for high school graduates, and finally, it will create public value and a social return on an investment in the long-term.

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