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The digital world is continuing to grow every day and with that growth, it’s becoming increasingly important for kids to understand how to code and utilize digital tools. iCode After School offers coding classes for kids of all skill levels to empower them to learn new skills and make their impact on the growing digital world.
We offer virtual classes that are engaging and hands-on and encourage kids to think outside of the box as they problem solve and develop their own creations. Our highly qualified instructors will provide a fun hands-on class for students as they learn from coding basics to designing their own computer games.

Our course for elementary-age students is designed using Scratch. Scratch is an ideal language to get kids excited about coding, give them the confidence they can do it, and learn the logic of coding. Kids learn the process of design from idea origination, to implementation, to reflection, which leads to new ideas and projects. Our multi-level curriculum is great for coders, as young as 7 years old, with no prior coding experience to more experienced coders.


Middle schoolers will learn to program in Python.  Computer programming for kids can be fun and engaging and is an important skill every child should be learning. Computers are used to solve many problems and connect to the internet.  Python is fun and easy to learn programming language with many useful features. Python is used by Google, Amazon, and many schools and universities. It is easy to program with python as compared to other programming languages. Python includes several features, tools, and libraries that enable students to program their games and other useful programs such as scientific, financial, gaming, and networking applications.

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iCode After School was founded by the co-founders of iCook After School, Olga Davis, and Lesya Merena. We believe that by providing tools for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively, learn to problem solve and think logically, then we can encourage them to discover and innovate within the digital space. We strive to empower kids through digital literacy to build a better future for themselves and the world.

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