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Athletic Training & Team Fitness

Performance Enhancement For Student Athletes

Heavy Metal Fitness offers the most comprehensive group training programs for local youth sports teams and athletes.  We work with elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as college teams.  All athletes of any age need more than just coaching on how to excel at their favorite sport – they need the physical foundation and confidence necessary to unleash their potential.

It’s more than just how much you can bench press, how fast you can run, or how high you can jump. It’s about how your body’s systems work together to achieve the impossible. Our knowledge of human anatomy & movement combined with our experience of how athletes perform in the real world is the change you need.

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We want every athlete we work with to be educated on what a safe and effective physical conditioning program should be about. We will emphasize the form, function, and purpose of each exercise in order minimize the chance of future athletic injury. We want to build up muscle strength, flexibility, joint stability, and cardio-respiratory endurance in order to increase athletic performance. The workouts are more than just generic exercises – our program design is specifically tailored to the physical requirements and unique movements of each sport – swimming, cross country, football, dance, volleyball, track, basketball, baseball, softball – you name it. The credential and testimonial pages on our website both offer even more information.

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Youth Bootcamp Group Class

Workouts for Middle & High School Students

Welcome to the Moshpit, kids! Youth Bootcamp classes at Heavy Metal Fitness are 30 minute group workouts centered around general fitness – strength, endurance, cardio, and core – aimed towards the unique fitness needs of kids and teenagers in elementary, middle, & high school. We will guide students through sessions in a positive, encouraging environment. Bootcamp is a great supplement to school athletics as well. Each class is designed to be intense, but modifications are offered for all experience levels. Bootcamp may not work well for kids with more serious health concerns.  Please see our personal training options if so.

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