Boston Ballet School

At Boston Ballet School, we are committed to providing high-quality dance education through a wide array of programs and classes for every type of student. We believe in connecting with our community to educate and inspire a love of dance and the arts in Boston and beyond.

Through the vision of Boston Ballet School Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen, and under the leadership of Boston Ballet School Director Margaret Tracey, we inspire, develop, and sustain a love of dance in every student. While excellence in ballet training is crucial to our mission, we believe that our job as arts educators goes well beyond technique. Our philosophy and curriculum support the development of the whole student within a nurturing, educational environment. The breadth and depth of the education we provide, coupled with the expertise and support of our faculty and connection to a world-class company, makes it possible for us to offer unparalleled ballet training and dance education programs of the highest quality for a wide range of students.

Experience Summer at Boston Ballet School

Participating in a summer program is a beneficial way to keep dancing over the summer.  For the younger students, it keeps their passion and enthusiasm for ballet alive and gets them excited about the upcoming school year. For the upper-level students, summer training is instrumental in maintaining their technique from one school year to the next, as well as helping students stay in shape over the summer months.

Students who participate in a summer program are more inclined to master the next year’s curriculum with greater ease. Summer programming complements the school-year curriculum. Classes continue to be age and developmentally appropriate while finding new ways to keep students engaged. Boston Ballet School offers a variety of summer programs to suit our student’s abilities.

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Children’s Summer Programs

Ballet Exploration Ages 3-4

Young students are introduced to ballet elements and the relationship between dance and music through creative activities. Children will also have fun exploring the storylines, characters, and music of popular ballets.

Ballet Journeys Ages 5-8

Creative dance, pre-ballet technique, and musicality are explored through original activities developed by expert faculty members. This program guides students on a journey from understanding movement and the use of space to the creation of original dances with live musical accompaniment.

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions is a specially designed class to introduce new students to Boston Ballet School. Young students will be taught the fundamentals necessary to enroll in their age-appropriate class in the fall.

    • Creative Dance Summer Session: Ages 3-4
    • Pre-Ballet Summer Session: Ages 5-6
    • Primary Summer Session: Ages 7-8
    • Elementary Summer Session: Ages 9-10

Classical Ballet Summer Programs

Ballet Workshop Ages 9-18

Ballet Workshop immerses students in the world of ballet through daily technique classes as well as classical repertoire, ballet mime, dance history, and Character dance. Students are further engaged with enrichment classes such as modern dance, stretch and strengthen, drama and voice lessons, and jazz dance to introduce students to a more diverse curriculum.

Master Class Series 12-18

In addition to a daily technique class, students will enhance their dance education by learning classical repertoire and variations with Boston Ballet School’s expert faculty.

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