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Welcome to Spintronix Color Guard! We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) education organization with multiple branches in fine arts and youth development. Our organization is very active in the fine arts community both online and in-person as we run camps, clinics, competition teams, and virtual courses.

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Summer camp consists of a week-long stay at Central Methodist University in Missouri, a beautiful secluded campus near the center of the country with access to the Columbia regional airport. World-class color guard instructors with experience both instructing and performing at all levels teach students from all over the country throughout the camp, culminating in a showcase performance at the end of the week for friends, family, and local community members alike.

Spintronix Color Guard students get hands-on experience with spinning equipment at the level they are most comfortable. They also get a more in-depth color guard education as they learn about the importance of leadership and team building to the success of their home color guard, and they delve into the history of color guard so they can understand why it has developed into the activity that it is today.

Some branches of the summer camp that have been exceptionally useful to people involved with our organization include the Spinternship program and instructor certification. The Spinternship program is available to high school graduates looking to network and gain experience in color guard instruction, and they are the lifeblood of the summer camp. Instructor certification involves classes in color guard teaching, design, choreography, copyright, and other aspects necessary for color guard instructors to be fluent in when teaching their teams.

Clinics can be single-day, weekend, or multi-day clinics and are held at host schools throughout the country. Hosts simply apply to hold a clinic on our website and will receive a quote usually within 48 hours. Clinics can be open to the public so that any students in the area can attend, or they can be private only for those students who attend that school or live in that area.

Our competition teams are located in Mountain View, Missouri, and compete in the Mid-Continent Color Guard Association circuit along with Winter Guard International. This is a more intense color guard experience as the team meets for rehearsal every weekend beginning in September and running through the first weekend in April.

Finally, our virtual courses are online and available through our Spintronix Color Guard YouTube channel. There are hundreds of free videos teaching technique, choreography, body conditioning, instructor training, and more available, along with occasional live stream classes or performances.

In addition to these main programs, we also offer choreography and design services for your fall or winter guard program, solo and ensemble competition, and so much more. You can always request a quote by e-mail or on our website.

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