WorldWise Tutoring : Summer Enrichment Online Courses

For the past decade, WorldWise Tutoring has been providing private instruction for students of all ages and abilities in all subjects. Our instructors specialize in content and strategies, as well as teaching the underlying learning and study skills to help students become confident and independent Lifelong Learners.

WorldWise is offering 30+ Enrichment Online Classes that are unique, convenient, and engaging.

WorldWise Tutoring offers courses for enrichment in the genres of Personal Development, STEM/STEAM, Math, Foreign Language, Sociology, Writing, Test Prep, & College Prep/Planning.

By the end of the class, students will have completed work and achieved a certificate that they can be proud of and that will make their resumes/applications stand out. Use this time to help your child get further ahead!

Learn Something New.

Get Ahead. 

Be a Part of the Change.

WorldWise Tutoring offers courses for enrichment in the genres of Creativity, Personal Development, STEM, Real-Life Math, Foreign Language, Sociology, Writing, Test Prep, & College Planning. These live online courses are fun ways for students to explore personal interests, meet new friends, and enjoy learning again.

  • When is it? Mid-June through August
  • Where is it? Join in from any device.
  • Who is teaching? 13 of our highly educated and experienced instructors have developed engaging courses in topics they are passionate about.
  • What are the course details? To learn more about the topics covered, duration, and cost for each of the courses, read the detailed online enrichment guide:
  • Why should I sign up? These courses allow for the exploration of personal topics of interest in a structured way and offer the opportunity to get ahead by building academic and real-life skills – all while having fun! Students will finish each course with a project they can be proud of, a certificate they can add to their resume/applications, and new friends with similar interests.
  • Sounds great! Any other perks? Share this link on 2 social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter) and tag WorldWise Tutoring by 5/31/21 to receive a $10 refund on your registration and to be entered to win one completely FREE enrollment! For each course that someone you refer completes, you will receive a $50 refund on your registration!

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Potential benefits of enrolling your child in WorldWise Tutoring’s Enrichment Courses:

  • Allows your child to explore personal topics of interest in a structured way
  •  Reinforces independence and empowerment in your child through       meaningful homework and projects that your child can be proud of
  •  Covers unique content not often taught in school
  •  Provides your child with much needed social interaction
  •  Helps improve your child’s communication techniques to use in peer, parent, and teacher relationships
  • Offers the opportunity for your child to network with others who have similar interests, perhaps forming new long-term friendships
  • Projects and Certificate of Completion helps your child’s resume/application to stand out.
  • It gives you some guilt-free time for yourself! 

    All of our Summer Enrichment instructors are background checked and have years of teaching experience.

    They have graduated from universities including IIT, UIC, UChicago, and Georgetown.

    They have Bachelor’s degrees including Education, Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Business and Global Affairs.

    Some have Master’s degrees or PhDs in Applied Mathematics, Petroleum Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

    Some are published, authors.

Contact: Worldwise Tutoring

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