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Grace Adventures is a year-round Christian organization in northwest Michigan working to strengthen spiritual, personal, and professional relationships for children, adults, and families through training, retreats, and camps. 

We accomplish through the work done on our Main Campus, Paradise Ranch, and Dunes Harbor Family Camp.

This time of year we are gearing up for our summer camps. Grace Adventures offers a wide range of camping experiences for children, from a shortened week for first-time campers to high school student leadership training camps. 

Our Youth Camps are available for ages 7-17. We begin with our half-week Discovery Camp. In Discovery Camp there are many new things to try, experience, and learn. This shortened week experience is perfect for first-time campers. Your child will have fun hanging out with their Cabin Leaders and cabin mates and they’ll really love songs, skits & sillies! Our Upper Elementary camps include Explorer and Challenge Camp.

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Your child will fly, aim, swim, and play as they learn new skills, and encourage new friends. Your camper will leave having their questions answered and a better understanding of who God created them to be.

Our Middle School Camps include Rustic Warrior and Treasure Seeker and are two of our most popular camps and here campers will delve into what it means to be young men/women of God. The smaller atmosphere allows the campers to build relationships with their Cabin Leader and others. Campers will make long-lasting friendships and life-long memories together.

High School Camps begin with Venture Out for ages 13-15. Venture Out combines powerful worship experiences, challenging messages, and exciting activities to help your child know God in a real way. Campers will team up in Laser Tag, Air Band, and the Battle Barge. Your child will come home ready to take on the world, make tough decisions, choose the right friends, and manage pressure with God’s love and guidance.

Our Ranch Camps are for ages 8-17 and offer a unique experience for campers to learn and grow in their faith and horsemanship in a Western environment. Camps at Paradise Ranch start with our half week Cowpoke Camp! They’ll learn the basics about horses from our highly trained staff in a safe and fun way.

Your camper will enjoy riding lessons every day, great campfires, awesome activities, and get introduced to the Wild West at Paradise Ranch! You can often hear our youngest campers chanting “who rides the best? Cowpoke do! Cowpokes do!” as they lean into the new camp experience.

The Upper Elementary Ranch camp, TrailBlazer, is one of our most popular camps. Trail Blazers will challenge them in the fundamentals of horsemanship while they have a ton of fun and meet new friends. Your child will explore new things like trail rides, faster speeds, and more free time at the main camp. They’ll hang out with an amazing Cabin Leader and grow in their relationship with God through cabin bible studies and campfire worship times.

Middle Schoolers can participate in Range Rider Camp at Paradise Ranch. Your child will learn more about horses and God while having a crazy amount of fun! Whether your child is a first-time rider or a seasoned veteran, they will learn about grooming, saddling, riding, behavior, and lots more. Campers will get to ride a horse to a meal and hang out with others who like horses as much as they do.

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High School Leadership Camps are available at both our Main Campus and Paradise Ranch. Pathfinder Camp combines intense fun with Biblical leadership training. Your child will enjoy many of the favorite camp activities and try out some new ones with their team. Through crazy missions, team building activities, and dynamic biblical teaching they will grow as a leader while exploring who God made them to be. In Quest Camp, campers are prepared for your child to stand up and make a difference in their church, school, and a group of friends.

Campers experience dynamic evening worship sessions, impactful leadership teaching, and an incredible overnight out trip in the wilderness. Our staff will mentor your child on what it means to be a leader and follower of Christ. For both Pathfinder and Quest, the experience doesn’t end when the week of camp is done! Campers have the opportunity to come back for Service Weeks and continue learning and growing throughout the summer.

We are so honored that families choose to send their kids to camp with us. The Grace staff are rigorously interviewed and trained during approximately 8,000 hours of summer staff training so that the right cabin leaders are hired and are prepared to lead your camper during a life-changing week at camp.

There are many things that your camper could choose to do this summer. Vacations, sports camps, and jobs are just a few options. The cost of these options is continuing to rise, and many families must choose where to spend their precious resources.

How many of these options include a program where the staff has spent over 1,500 hours focusing on the spiritual development of your camper for one week? A week at Grace Adventures gives campers the chance to be themselves while exploring who God made them to be.

As your child gets away from harmful messages and life’s pressures, he or she will have countless hours of fun, make new friends, and most importantly be prepared to make a difference at home.

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