Snapology Long Island



Students are struggling. Schools and parents are trying their absolute best to keep our kids on track but it is clear that the “Covid slide” is real and some students are falling far behind. It is easy to understand the impact caused by the pandemic on social skills, but we should also consider how this unusual school year may be impacting the long-term academic progress and engagement of students.

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The Little Gym

We are SO excited to announce the release of our schedule for

FALL CLASSES AND PROGRAMS for the 2020-2021 School Year!

We will be offering our traditional gymnastics classes for children 4 months through 12 years old, along with half-day enrichment programs. Continue reading “The Little Gym”

The Robot Garage

A Typical Day at The Robot Garage

Campers work in age-appropriate groups throughout the week to complete a presentation for their families on Friday afternoon.  Daily workshops are designed to balance computer coding and physical building of mechanical projects, often robotic.  Projects are based on hands-on learning, focus on fun and “aha” moments, and align with NGSS (National Science Standards). Continue reading “The Robot Garage”