Camp Broadway

Camp Broadway is the original destination for theater-loving kids ages 10 to 17 learn what life on Broadway is all about. Mainstage is an immersive 5-day intensive, 8:30 – 5:30pm, in NYC, offering campers a taste of the whole production experience – singing, dancing, acting, building confidence, and working as a team to stage a full theatre production.

At Camp Broadway’s signature musical theater camp, kids rehearse in small groups where they can hone their skills as a performer, develop their ability to collaborate with others, and learn the fundamentals of working in a creative environment while learning from seasoned Broadway professionals in a real Broadway setting.  

Held in professional rehearsal spaces in the heart of the Times Square, Mainstage NY is also an unforgettable event for the whole family, culminating in a dazzling finale performance, showcasing their learning, talent, and passion for theater on the Gerald W. Lynch stage at John Jay College.

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Called the “Camp of Dreams” for its professionalism, organization, and focus on teaching performance craft, Camp Broadway helps develop characters on and off the stage and for every stage of a kid’s life.

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